Blogger number 2

Hi there,

Well a week has gone by after the very first blog I’m slowly finding my way round this site – I thought this blogging stuff would be easy!!

But hey – all good things come to those who wait – so they say – whoever THEY are!! Hehe

Don’t tell WP but I tried to open a blog with BIG G – I came back with my tail between my legs!! Haha

Google harvests info on us – ah I remember the happy days when G was a hippy company on the side of the people & not just a money machine.

But I digress – as you do!! Ageism – is that a real word??

To me Ageism applies to ALL ages – when I go clubbing I become more visable – when I’m in the Super Market – I become more invisable!

Who finds Ageism a problem or an advantage?


About Jocelyn D Hancock

I'm an Englishman living in the Netherlands. I am an observer of life & am on a constant learning curve, taking on board new ideas & ways of thinking! I love all forms of music, but am especially into Modern Electronic music, ie Trance & Progressive - which suprises some people, since I turned 60 last year!
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