I’m sorry it’s been so long since the last post……..!

Well, the last time I was moaning about having problems with my old PC – I kept putting off the day when I had to “bite the bullet” and invest in a new one!

So six months ago things were taken out of my hands when I picked up a nasty virus and the whole thing crashed – big time! After a visit to the computer shop, my Dell was declared officially brain dead and deceased!

So what to do – I have an iPad, which was given to me as a present and like most Windows users, I hate it with a vengeance, Steve Jobs was a control freak and so is his product, downloading the endless Apps!

So a new Dell Desktop was the answer, you take it out the box plug it in and away you go, after the updating of course!

A new desktop you may ask – they are so yesterday, but I like to sit at a desk, it feels more business like, it gives me a focal point in the house where scraps of paper with long to be forgotten notes are scribbled on, where pens that have ceased to work collect and where reading glasses with only one arm go to retire to! 

So which “brain” to choose from Windows, having run on XP for so long, I was not looking forward to upgrading to Windows 8, being a Brit in the Netherlands, I listen to the BBC World Service and had heard all the grumbles about 8! Hooray! They came out with Windows 8.1 with the beloved “Start” button reinstalled and what is more, it was free for a limited period, so I grabbed it with both hands! 

So there you go, I’m up and running again, I’m not too worried if I don’t develop a huge fan base, I mean I only have 70 plus friends on Face Book, ok ok, it’s 77 – one of those is my self I added by mistake! How could I de-friend myself, I might not exist! Haha

How can you have a 1000 friends, plus goodness knows how many groups and follow them all? And no I refuse to set up a Twitter account, that’s one tweet too far!

Anyway that’s enough for now – I don’t want to bore anyone to death, who stumbles across this – feed back would be appreciated, don’t worry I won’t try to sell you a used car! Hehe



About Jocelyn D Hancock

I'm an Englishman living in the Netherlands. I am an observer of life & am on a constant learning curve, taking on board new ideas & ways of thinking! I love all forms of music, but am especially into Modern Electronic music, ie Trance & Progressive - which suprises some people, since I turned 60 last year!
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One Response to I’m sorry it’s been so long since the last post……..!

  1. jocelyn D Hancock says:

    jocelyn it paul from when you lived in england west street can you get in touch

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